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"If you are thinking of signing up for CRNP... do it, you'll love it and you won't regret it!"

Jen Parker | @jennipole

"You get to cheer on and be cheered on by fellow subscribers and instructors on the website! It's hard not to get involved!"

Cherene Reyes (Cookie) | @cookiecherene

"The community is a fantastic way to learn to pole dance. The teachers are always available!"

Najma | @star_pole143

"It's freaking amazing, it freaking rocks! Very, very addictive!"

Jessa | @jessamariepole

"The best by far is the community that Cleo has built! It's like having a pole family, I couldn't imagine my life without them. I would have never come as far as I have in pole fitness if I hadn't signed up!"

Steph | @stephy_vince

"Cleo and her instructors really care about us, they care about your progress. There's no one like CRNP, and all her (Cleo's) bad ass, beautiful, amazing instructors. I love the big family we have!"

Anna Belle | @Annabelle_0021

"It's an incredibly empowering tool for anyone who's pole dancing. The online community is just extraordinary, I feel like I can't live without it... it's true... I can't!"

Lesa | @beatrixkiddosbabypoles

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