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Turn your sexy passion into a career. Learn to teach signature CRNP classes including Showgirl Pole, and Exotic Burn.

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Learn and/or teach the Aussie Showgirl Pole and American Exotic Dance Styles!

The Cleo’s Rock N Pole online training certification programs are open to all individuals at any dance or fitness level. Each program provides training into the Cleo’s Rock N Pole class vibe, instructor etiquette, methodology and movement, as well as how to teach in a class room environment. These programs are not only designed to develop and improve your skills as an instructor, but for anyone who would like in-depth training into the Australian Showgirl style, and the American Exotic style.

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Our Instructors


Miss Pole Dance Australian Champion 2012 and 2014.

Amy Henderson

Cleo's Rock N Pole TV instructor and owner of Star Status Studio.

Amber Wolf

Creator of the Exotic Burn program and Miss Pole Dance America 1st Runner Up.

Blue Phoenix

Cleo's Rock N Pole TV instructor and Mr Pole Dance Australia 2022.