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In-studio and online teacher training courses for Cleo's Rock N Pole signature class programs including Showgirl Pole and Exotic Burn!

Teaching Pole & Exotic Dance can be a fulfilling career, allowing you to share your passion, while helping others improve their fitness, flexibility and confidence.
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Exotic Burn is all about self exploration, flexibility, sensual movement, and sexy heels!

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I absolutely loved this certification programme {Exotic Burn}. I started working with the videos first and, besides them being superbly shot, found all topics very well structured and presented nicely, so it was easy to follow along. I also was very satisfied with given variations for students who might need a different approach to the tricks. Actually, it felt like taking private lessons with Amber. The manual was the perfect to round it all off with its detailed description of every move and handy breakdowns. I also felt perfectly tutored by Ambers thorough review of my submitted videos. Never did I feel like i didn't have to put in dedication and work, so this is really a cert one can be proud of. Not only of the tricks learned, but also of the teaching focus on body positivity and embracing oneself and the students own movement/ sensuality. The apparel is of great quality as usual with flattering, comfortable fit (true to size). Thank you for putting together such a well-rounded programme!

<div class="editor-content"><p><span>Isabel F.</span></p></div>,

Isabel F.

I absolutely love this certification program! {Spin Pole Beginner} I have been taught pole dancing mostly on static pole and lacked basic knowledge on the spin pole technique. This program is very detailed and explanatory on how to begin learning spinning pole, executing everything with grace, like the Aussie style pole dancing that we love watching on videos. Cleo is such a good teacher and she makes excellent work on explaining every move thoroughly. Plus learning how to be an instructor is so awesome and the program provides a lot of info on that. I totally recommend to anyone who loves spin pole and wants to perfect it/wants to teach it !!!

<div class="editor-content"><p><span>EIRINI D.</span></p></div>,


I’ve started my first pole moves with Cleo’s Tutorials, this intermediate certification is challenging for me because I’m a pole newbie ☀️ But I absolutely love it ! Everything is so well explained, I always progress with so much fun! Cleo makes a passion for pole blooming! I highly recommend it! Thank you so much Cleo and your amazing Team!

<div class="editor-content"><p><span>Laetitia C.</span></p></div>,

Laetitia C.

Our Instructors


Miss Pole Dance Australian Champion 2012 and 2014.

Amber Wolf

Creator of the Exotic Burn program and Miss Pole Dance America 1st Runner Up.

Lindsey Dement

Cleo's Rock N Pole TV instructor and Austin's finest Pole Mermaid.

Amy Henderson

Cleo's Rock N Pole TV instructor and owner of Star Status Studio.

Billie Brooklyn

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2023 finalist, Instructor and Star Choreographer for Bobbi's Pole Studio.

Blue Phoenix

Cleo's Rock N Pole TV instructor and Mr Pole Dance Australia 2022.