A Brief History of the Australian Showgirl Pole Style

Australian Showgirls are known for their sexy moves performed on a pole, strength, splits, and of course, they know how to put on a show like no one else! The style is engaging, fun, fit for a stage, with bad ass choreography and dynamic floor work.

Themed performances matched with amazing costumes made from PVC (vinyl) or anything sparkly, studded or rhinestoned. Let’s not forget about the platform heels, or patent leather boots!

The style derives from Sydney's Feature Showgirls performing 15 minutes shows at strip clubs, pubs or cabaret clubs. Full themed costumes (Nurse or Cop for example) featuring layers including corsets, arm bands, head pieces, jackets... anything that you can take off! Fifteen minutes is a long time, so use of props and interacting with the audience was a must! Whips, stethoscopes, hand cuffs always added a little extra to the show! Not to mention matching music to the theme. Bad Medicine was always a classic nurse show, as was Back in Black for cop.

Sydney’s very own feature showgirl and exotic dancer ‘Bobbi’ and entrepreneur Vanessa Brecht brought this concept style to Australia’s FIRST pole dance studio “Bobbi’s Pole Studio”... and the rest is history! Pole Dancing was and IS today a HUGE industry in Australia, and Bobbi’s and like-minded studios always held onto it’s ‘sexy roots’, unlike many studios who tried to stay away from the sexy style and teach more pole-gymnastics or Pole Fitness (inspired by Chinese Pole). Resulting in so many different genres of pole, and countless number of tricks! 

Back in 2005 the very first Miss Pole Dance Australia competition was held in a tiny nightclub. Jamilla Deville was crowned the winner. This was where the Jade Split was born! Jamilla performed it on stage and it revolutionized what was possible on a pole! Because Pole Dancing had evolved into tricks as well as the ‘show’, the performance time was brought down to 5 minutes, and there was no nudity, unlike the feature shows in clubs. It was about the athleticism, choreography, stage presence and overall performance.

Since its beginnings, Miss Pole Dance Australia has crowned winners such as Felix Cane, Candace Leigh, Allegra, Jedda Jordan, Porsche, Miss Filly, Amy Hazel and two-time winner Cleo The Hurricane!

Miss Pole Dance Australia

Cleo rocks the stage with her winning performance.