Learn Pole Dance & Floor Work Online

Learn Pole Dance & Floor Work Online

Strap on your stilettos and get ready to ROCK the pole! Get unlimited access to our HUGE library of Pole Dance and Flexibility lessons, all in the comfort of your own home.

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Our library is HUGE as we started back in 2014, so here are some popular playlists to check out.
You can also search by category, level and instructor.


See one of our most popular categories, basework includes pole combos using the lower part of the pole, and floor.

New Beginner Playlist

New to pole and exotic dance? Then this is a great catalog to get you started.

Feel Sexy on the Floor

Learn the art of Exotic Dance (no pole needed).

Get Flexible

Work on your splits and backbends including strength & conditioning.

Hot Pole Girl Summer

Learn high energy pole dance routines designed to make you sweat.

Unique Pole Tricks & Combos

Learn Intermediate to Advanced tricks and combos on both spin and static pole.

Join in our Instagram Challenges
Join in our Instagram Challenges

Take part in our challenges with other members all over the world!

Try new styles
Try new styles

We have many unique styles to check out - from Rock Burlesque, to Roller Pole, Twerk, Lollipop Lyra and more!

Choose your favorite instructor
Choose your favorite instructor

We have iconic instructors from Australia and the United States, (a few national champions!), and each with their own style of teaching.

Stay motivated with new content!
Stay motivated with new content!

We post new tutorials each month, always keeping you motivated to learn new tricks, combos and routines.

Pole Dance is LIFE

Any Pole Dancer will tell you how addictive it is. Feeling strong, sexy, and confident, whilst wearing a pair of 7 or 8" stilettos... there is nothing like it!

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