Marie Scholl


Dec 21 at 08:00 AM

Just popping in to say I was browsing my sewing community page and came across a person who made polewear. Then lots of comments about how CTH is everyone's favorite brand of pole wear. It was pretty exciting to see that!



Jun 12 at 05:37 PM

I stated at the Westlake studio February 2022 terrified that if be terrible at this. Over a year later and I am so in love with pole, the people I've met, and the fun music and classes offered by CRNP!! I've since had to move, and the studios I've tried where I am play much different music and have a much calmer atmosphere. I miss CRNP, but am SO glad this online presence exists. I especially like the flex workouts: they give me something to do if I have no idea what moves I want to do, but just want to condition.

Until I return to Westlake (and even when i do), I'm happy to be on here!!